Focus Areas of Our Ministry

These focus areas bring clarity on what we value at CLT.  We esteem our priority on what God desires and how He wants to establish His Kingdom through His Son's in the earth.  Below are key components revealed through scripture, necessary in overcoming our will (flesh), and opening ourselves to what the Spirit is saying to us.


Intercessory Prayer


Making time to pray is the one thing we must do to have the power of God working for us to do HIS WILL. Through the Holy Spirit in prayer we have DIRECT ACCESS to the understanding of what's on GOD'S MIND and what HE WANTS.


The "Rule of God"

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy which brings to light the purpose and the meaning of man's existence. It is the divine inspiration of God that brings righteousness, joy, and peace. This testimony strengthens us to build a culture that is good and acceptable to God.


Instructors of Righteousness

In order to teach others the will of God, we must take on the nature of God. Fear is handed down from generation to generation all the way back from Adam. Fear is taught! Therefore, we must learn how NOT to fear. With GODLY LOVE, you will be able to TEACH and PERFECT others in the Will of God. 


Be The Light

Evangelism requires intentionally taking the light into the darkness. Discipleship then requires teaching others to understand their position in Christ and to put on the full armor of God. If we don't evangelize, non-believers remain in Satan's kingdom. If we don't disciple, we send believers into the war unarmed.