The Bible

The Bible is God's Library containing law, history, poetry, prophecy, gospels, acts, letters and revelation.  The author of the Bible is God. When reading the scriptures, we must consider who is speaking, to whom he is speaking, at what time it happens, and for what purpose is it spoken. The bible has 2 divisions; The Old and New Testaments. 

The Old Testament

  • Law - The first 5 books of the Bible illuminate the disposition God has concerning man's sin, and how sin separates man from Him. (Genesis - Deuteronomy)
  • History - The next 12 books (Joshua to Esher) display God's consistency and persistency towards His chosen people - Isreal, who would often forget our Lord because they would become enticed by other nations who worship false gods.  God never failed in His divinity to prove His power, and faithfulness to and through Isreal, who was the most despised nation on the earth.
  • Poetry - The next 5 books (Job - Songs of Solomon) demonstrate the individual relationship and love God had with those who had a heart for His heart. 
  • Prophesy - The last 17 books of the Old Testament (Isaiah to Malachi) focused on individuals God chose to speak through and warn His people - Isreal of their sin, and the destruction to come if they did not turn from their wicked ways. Some of these individuals spoke of the coming of Christ.

The New Testament

  • The Gospels - The first 4 books (Matthew - John) are all individual accounts of those who walked closely with Christ and who documented His life in ministry. We get to see Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, and his entire purpose from 4 different authors who knew Him personally and witness is death, burial, and resurrection.  
  • Acts - The book of Acts tells us the beginning of what we know today as Christianity.  Before Christ ascended to heaven He told the Apostles, they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit not long after he ascends.  Christ told the Apostles they would receive power once the Holy Spirit is upon them,  and they will be witnesses of Him throughout the nation and to the ends of the earth.  This power (Acts) gave them the same ability as Christ to heal the sick, and raise the dead, and most of all, to walk in the authority as Sons of God through the Holy Spirit.
  • Letters - In the following 21 books of the New Testament, we see letters from the Apostles, many of who were in exile or captivity because they were being persecuted for being witnesses of Christ.   These letters were sent to various bodies of believers who chose to be followers of Christ.  In these letters, the Apostles give instructions on the importance of continuing their faith and holding fast to what they believe no matter what the circumstances were.  The Apostles also encouraged believers to keep Christ as their main focus.
  • Revelation - The book of Revelation shows us who we are in Christ through Faith.  In this book, Christ reveals how believers are to obtain the Keys to the Kingdom, and become Sons of God as He is - IF we overcome through faith in Him. This is why the Apostles wrote letters to the believers to not give up on their faith because they cannot overcome without it.